Hangin Frank 6-Packs Coming Soon!

Rejoice Short’s IPA lovers! Our second most popular local IPA (next to Huma of course) will be hitting the shelves soon to a Michigan retailer near you!

Here’s the inside scoop on this fan favorite:

(SOURCE – Petoskey News) City Park Grill
It is said that the ghost of Frank Fochtman, former owner of the City Park Grill in Petoskey, haunts the establishment today.
Manager Jason Septic said it is rumored that Fochtman hung himself in the basement, when it was named Grill Cafe. “I know many people who’ve just had a weird sensation or feeling that there’s someone else down there,” he said, adding that his hair has stood up on the back of his neck on occasion when down in the basement.

The ghost has on occasion been blamed for broken glasses, when they would just snap as they sat on the table. “They seemed to, when just sitting on the table, break where the stem meets the glass,” Septic recalled. However, despite some broken stemware, Fochtman — commonly just called Frank by the staff — does not seem to have a mean or negative presence. “My personal feeling is that he’d be here, just watching over the place,” Septic said.

For more information, visit the City Park Grill Website.