Homebrewing…The Deep End

Thanks for checking out our first homebrewing episode of Short’s Cast. This week we bring you a whole bunch of great information for homebrewers and aspiring homebrewers alike! First we sit down with Joe Short and Jack Archiable to talk about their first experiences homebrewing. A lot of great Short’s beer recipes were discovered before Short’s Brewing Company was even thought of!

Our second segment is driven by homebrewing questions that we’ve recieved on Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. Two of our brewers at the production facility in Elk Rapids, Al Russel and Aaron Smith, come in on their day off to answer those questions and share their valuable homebrew knowledge.

Then we conducted our first Skype interview with Sam DeCamp, Short’s QA/QC Analyst, who works with Tyler in Quality Control. This is Sam’s first time on the show and he’s joining us from Michigan State University where he is studying Food Science and helping MSU out with their home brew system. Sam gives us some great advice for those beginning in homebrewing and even those who have been homebrewing for years.

Pauline Knighton brings us this week’s beer release is the second installment of our “Pale Ale Rotating Series” and it’s an American Pale Ale rightfully named Yosemite Scooter. It hits shevles this week and pairs great with good ole fried foods.

On Friday March 28th, at 8pm the talented songwriter Joshua Davis takes the stage in Bellaire.

Music in the episode was provided by The Matthew Mansfield Band who is performing at the brew pub in Bellaire on March 29th at 8pm. You can download their full EP at www.mattmansfieldmusic.com.