Hot Air Balloon Ride with Gordy Schafer of The Dockside

Want to hear an interview in a hot air balloon? We know what you’re thinking, podcasts and hot air balloons don’t seem like the ideal recording situation. Well thanks to Gordy Schafer, owner of the Dockside on Torch Lake we made it happen.

Joe Short’s first job in the restaurant industry was working for Gordy at the Dockside which is an iconic restaurant on beautiful Torch Lake. Matt Drake, Joe Short, and Jesse Den Herder join Gordy on a hot air balloon trip from The Dockside, over Torch Lake and they land in between Alden and Rapid City.

Just a heads up, you will hear the burner consistently throughout this episode, but you’ll also hear stories from Gordy about Joe’s first job as a busboy and working his way up to serving. We’re pretty sure this is the first podcast recorded in a hot air balloon and Short’s Cast is excited to give you something unique for your ear balls.