The Inanimate Short’s Team Part II

The Short’s team is full of big personalities, and we can’t help but pass a little personality along to the machines that help us get through the day! We would like to introduce you to three more inanimate, but loved, Short’s objects.

1. The Red Devil: The Red Devil is the centrifugal pump in our brewhouse. This machine is quite a “sucker” by creating a whirlpool in the brew kettle and pulling down unwanted hot sludge from the kettle. It then transports the hot sludge into the outside “poop tanks.” With its amazing sucking power and intense red color, (most pumps are white or silver) this object earned itself the name, “The Red Devil.”


2. Uncle Buck: This wrench has survived 10 years of tough love. The company has had this wrench in its possession practically since the day we opened! With its size and girth, the tool was baptized with the name Uncle Buck since it reminded the team of the gigantic over-sized shovel Uncle Buck uses to flip pancakes. Movie Reference here:


3. Hobo Fire: Holding cleaning liquids is this objects main function. The giant metal drum assists the Short’s three cellarmen as they work diligently to keep each and every conditioning and fermenting tank clean and prepped for a fresh batch of brew! The name, Hobo Fire, arrives from its spitting image of the metal drums you often see with fires.