Short’s Spotlight: Erin Reicha

Most any company has those “behind the scenes” employees that hold things together, but get little of the glory. Short’s is no exception. One of the “unsung heroes” of Short’s is the finance department. This week’s spotlight is on Erin Reicha, she keeps things moving at Short’s as the Administrative Assistant in the Finance Department.

1. What’s your name? What do people call you? What do you call yourself?
My name is Erin.  People just call me Erin.  I call myself … (wait for it) Erin.

2. How long have you been with Short’s and in what position?
I have been with Short’s for a year and a half and I am the Finance Administrative Assistant.

3.  What was your path into the beer industry?
I was not much of a beer drinker prior to working at Short’s, but I have always enjoyed Soft Parade.  I ended up working at Short’s because I had a job that I wasn’t happy at, and one day when I was at my wit’s end, my friend happened to see this job opening and sent it to me.  I applied, and here I am today!

4. Which Short’s beer recipe(s) have been inspired by you?
Bim Bam Boom! Meijer carries a candy bar that I enjoy that is made with dark chocolate, orange peel, and chili and I always thought that this flavor combination would make a great stout.  Tony Hansen (our head brewer) said that if I brought him one of the candy bars that he would brew the beer.  Once the beer was brewed, Nicholas Fairbanks picked the name, which is actually the name of a song from the movie, Forbidden Zone.

5. Where is your favorite place on Planet Earth to drink a beer?
Just about anywhere I end up after a day of snowshoeing.

6. If you were a box of cereal, what would you be and why?
Lucky Charms! Because they are magically delicious (and my favorite).  I eat all of the cereal pieces first and leave the marshmallows for the end.

7. What’s your favorite thing or idea right now?
Watermelon.  I can not physically eat enough watermelon.  I just saw a video on how to cut a watermelon the “right way”.  I have a new, whole watermelon at home that I’m looking forward to slicing and dicing.

8. Favorite part of living in Michigan?
My favorite part of living in Michigan is our access to the outdoors regardless of the season.  I really love to be outside; in the summertime I love to be on the beach or in the water.  I also love to ride my bike, I took second place in my age group at the Tailwind Racing Glacial Hills of Bellaire mountain bike race at the Glacial Hills Pathway and Natural Area  (and yes, there were more than two people in my age division).  In the winter I love to snowshoe, hike, and downhill ski.

We’re the high-five state!  It just can’t get any better than this.