The Irish Side of Short’s

It’s always important to be connected with the season. So, when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around, we dig deep into our history and seek out the Irish in all of us. The casual observer may suggest that Short’s needs to dig particularly deep. Here’s our rebuttal:

irish joe

Joe Short is Irish*!
Well, he’s not 100% sure that he is, but there’s a chance! Additionally, in the early days of Short’s, he sometimes dressed up like a leprechaun. Don’t be confused with the likeness to Abraham Lincoln. Honest Abe was also Irish*!
*These statements may not be true

Pauline Irish DanceShort’s Staffers Irish Dance!
Although only Pauline from the Marketing Department is actually skilled at it, if you get enough pints of Uncle Steve’s Irish Stout passed out to the Short’s staff, you’ll see all kinds of “Irish Jigs” (air quotes entirely necessary). Pauline does have the curly wig and authentic outfit though, which make her more legitimate than the rest of us. And while we’re on the topic of dancing Short’s employees…

Bourbon Happy JackJack Sometimes Speaks Like He’s Irish!
Sure, “Happy Jack” Archiable is actually of Scottish descent, but that doesn’t stop him from bending yer ear with an Irish accent while sharing a pint. He’ll also be the first to tell you how he was weaned on Guinness with a splash of Jameson.

We Have an Irish Weekend!
This entire holiday weekend will be full of Irish influence at the Short’s brewpub. Uncle Steve’s Irish Stout will be on nitro. Irish Red is coming back to taps. Moher Export Imperial Irish Stout is a brand new beer and is being poured from a firkin. The deli specials are Irish-inspired. And there’s music, too! So don your green, collect your lucky shamrocks, and come find us at the end of the rainbow (121 N. Bridge St, Bellaire, MI)!

St. Patty Day poster


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