It’s About Thyme!

It’s About Thyme! Time for the women of Short’s to get our hands dirty, work out our muscles, explore our creative culinary palates, and brew like girls. In support of Fermenta, a new Michigan trade group for women in the craft beverage industry, a group of female Short’s staff members brewed an American IPA with orange blossom honey and thyme. The beer will be served at the Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival along with ten other Michigan breweries that brewed beers in support of the group.

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On June 18th, six ladies of Short’s and our head Pub Brewer Ryan Hale, took over the Bellaire brewhouse. I am not quite sure if this many people have ever tried to brew in the original brewpub brewery, but let’s just say having seven people measuring out ingredients, mashing in, mashing out, and cleaning, filled the room with a hefty dose of energy, excitement, and laughter. Sprinkled into the mix was the name debate. Since many of the Short’s beer varieties have unique, special, or quirky names, we wanted our beer to follow suit! The name is dual purpose: it’s time for women to be equally represented and comfortable breaking into the craft beer industry, and the beer has thyme in it. Fancy that!

092Short’s is a brewery that fully supports equal opportunity for all of their workers and works hard to be an organization that encourages, and welcomes, women into the craft beer industry. During an event for establishments that serve Short’s beer, a woman asked us how to make the industry more welcoming to women. Our head Beer Liberator, Woj, jumped in immediately and I really appreciated his answer. He said, “Don’t assume a woman wants a Soft Parade, and don’t make fun of a man if he orders one. If our industry starts doing that, then we will continue to discourage drinkers from being a part of this movement, and lose what should be our appreciation for craft style, no matter what style it may be!”

Here at Short’s, we take pride in encouraging all beer drinkers to be part of the craft movement. It’s about time all consumers had that freedom.

About Fermenta: A trade group initiated by Michigan women, committed to diversity, camaraderie, networking and education within the craft beverage industry will launch at the Michigan Summer Beer Festival in Ypsilanti, July 25th and 26th.


The organization is filing for a 501(c)(3) legal status and will direct funds to educational seminars and endeavors for its members. “Education is key to progress and growth in
any industry; our group hopes to offer various avenues to inspire and assist women in their pursuit of obtaining new skills in the craft beverage industry. Small-scale classes, sizable seminars and hands-on workshops will be organized” stated Annette May, Certified Cicerone ®

The membership structure is two-tiered: active professionals (women who earn an income from a craft beverage industry) and associate members (women interested in the industry but who do not earn an income from the industry).

To get involved with Fermenta’s formation, and the industry opportunities spearheaded by the group, please email Pauline Knighton at [email protected]. You can also visit their Facebook Page at