Join the Buck Fifty Beer Club – Sponsor Short’s At The GABF

Each year the response to our Great American Beer Fest booth and our beer grows, putting Short’s Brewing Company among the most popular at the festival (over 457 breweries and over 49,000 attendees!). We want to continue to return to Denver, and we want to represent Bellaire and all of northern Michigan to the best of our ability.

The expenses associated with this trip are pretty hearty, so to help buffer the load, we’re offering limited Short’s GABF Sponsor Beer Licenses. Sponsors pay $150 to cover the cost of one entry and to qualify you for $1.50 beers for one year. This year’s beer license start date is September 29th, 2011.

To become a 2011 Sponsor, please sign up with a pubtender at our Pub, or email Pub General Manager, Bryan Banfield, at [email protected]. We already have a lot of interest in this year’s sponsorship program, so don’t delay.

HERE’S THE FINE PRINT: Your “beer license” is for your use only. One sponsor = one license and no sharing. $1.50 beers are for regularly priced pints only. No gourmet pours, bottles, etc. If you want less than a pint, you still gotta pay the $1.50. Mug club mugs and $1.50 beers don’t mix – you should probably pick one great deal or the other. Tax does apply. This sweet deal is non-negotiable and non-refundable. No bitching and no refunds if we change hours, stop serving your favorite beer, close the brewery, start selling bud light or lock the doors so we can tour with Ween. We’re working to give our biggest supporters a great deal on awesome beer, and to help us get to the GABF to blow some minds. It’s a win win deal, so help us keep it that way. No unnecessary headaches, yeah?

View the promotional poster here.