How To Keep 20 Beers On Tap In The Summer

Summer is the busiest time of year for all who work at the pub in downtown Bellaire, and keeping 20 beers and ciders on tap at all times is a challenge. On this episode of Short’s Cast, Woj and Bridgett sit down with Head Pub Brewer, Ryan Hale and Pub Brewers,  Luke Whitley and Mike Baltzell to talk about the challenges the Bellaire brewers face during the summer season.

For someone like Mike Baltzell, who recently became a brewer, it’s about learning on the fly while Luke Whitley is now a seasoned veteran. Ryan has helped both Luke, Mike, and other Short’s family members see their very own brews come to life. He talks about this and about how the pub brewers have added crafting Starcut Ciders to their daily routines.

At the end of the season, it is easy to see that it was an extremely successful summer at the pub. High fives go out to these three brewers and the rest of the pub staff for keeping the taps flowing all season long.

Short’s has a TON of events taking place this week throughout the state. We’re even taking a little trip to Colorado for the Great American Beer Festival.  Be sure to visit our events page for all the details.

This week’s beer release is the latest edition of our Private Stache Series, Maple Bourbon Barrel Magician…yum. You should probably check out the artwork for this bad boy featuring Scott Newman-Bale.

The music on this episode of Short’s Cast was kindly provided by The Moxie Strings who will be performing at the pub on Friday, September 25th, starting at 8:30 pm. The Moxie Strings performed at Short’s Fest and we are stoked to have them back on stage at the pub.