Limited Edition Collaboration Brews Available in 6-packs at our Pub!

Still trying to get your hands on Cornholio, our Dogfish Head/Three Floyds collaboration beer? How about Captain Fantasy, our 2011 Half Acre collaboration beer? We have 6-packs of each for sale at our Pub in Bellaire, but they are going fast.

Cornholio is a Baltic Porter, which is brewed with lager yeast. This dark beer has a distinctly crisp and refreshing finish. Each participating brewery brought an ingredient from their home state to add to the brew. Short’s contributed Horehound, an herb that has been used for centuries as a medicinal remedy in cough drops, an ingredient in hard candies, and even in beers according to certain historical brewing records. From Delaware, Sam (Dogfish Head) brought beach plums. Nick Floyd contributed a unique red variety of popcorn, which was roasted and then “dry popped” into the beer. As you take a sip of this beer, you will note an aroma of rich roasted malt with hints of coffee and chocolate. The big initial flavors are of sweet plums that eventually become offset by the robust malt and unique herbal accents from the horehound. A subtle burnt bitterness lingers in the aftertaste, but it’s the surprisingly dry finish that ultimately leaves a lasting impression.

Captain Fantasy is our latest collaboration brew with Half Acre Brewing Co. from Chicago, Illinois. Half Acre is the same brewery that we joined forces with to create Freedom of ’78 guava IPA. This time around, the brewers decided to make a saison, but wanted to dress it up a bit. They added pear and some very exclusive hops from Japan called Soriachi Ace. The result is a lighter bodied ale with a pale goldenrod color and subtle haze. Satisfying aromas of nutmeg and spice blend with bright fruity hop fragrances. A lively amount of carbonation cleanses and refreshes while leading into flavors of sweet pear, tart lemon, and pleasant herbal subtleties. The overall fruitiness is abruptly interrupted by an assertive hop bitterness that dominates the finish, turning noticeably dry. Due to the unique nature of this brew and the incredibly limited availability of the Soriachi Ace hops, we were only able to make a single batch of this beer. As such, it’s availability has been extremely limited.

We hope that you will stop by our pub to obtain these extremely rare and limited edition Short’s Brew releases while they are still available! Each are priced at $13.99 per six pack.


-SBC Brew Staff