Make your stache a Hopstache, today!

Like beer, the mustache comes in many varieties. You, your dad, your grandpa, your son, your dog (we’re looking at you Miniature Schnauzer’s), your mailman, or your neighbor might be sporting a Hungarian, Imperial, Chevron, Handlebar, Walrus, or Freestyle mustache. But have you heard of a Hopstache?

The Hopstache, the most notable of mustaches, is categorized as a stache of any respectable size, shape, or color that is dripping with tasty hop goodness. Found adorning the lips of those fortunate enough to imbibe a hoppy treat, some say this stache is the most coveted of all!

As a company, we produce many of the hop filled brews most known for creating a hopstache. To commemorate this most respectable form of facial hair (and its presence on the upper lip of Joe and other Short’s family members) we’ve brewed a special hop concoction – Hopstache.

Hopstache (5.7% ABV – 85 IBU) typifies the boldness that comes from American hop varieties. The aroma is dominated by fruity ale yeast esters and fragrant grapefruit tones. Initial malt sweetness is low, and citrus fruit and floral hop qualities overpower any other perceived flavors. Aided by the addition of grapefruit zest, the finish is a sharp hop shock that electrifies the mouth, but is not overly bitter.

No stache? No problem! Hopstache is available to all American India Pale Ale lovers, alike. On store shelves now for a limited time, make your stache (or bare lip – no judgement here) a Hopstache!