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How Slurmy Can We Get? Slurm Lord Now Available

The New England style India Pale Ale craze hasn’t gone unnoticed here at SBC headquarters. Whether we’re personally into naturally bright beer or slightly sludgy Ale’s, you’ll never know. What…

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Variety Pack – December 2016

Now available on store shelves, try out latest variety pack. Each pack contains 3 12oz bottles each of 4 different Short’s brews; Ester, Small Heath, Bim Bam Bom, and MMMKAY….

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Make your stache a Hopstache, today!

Like beer, the mustache comes in many varieties. You, your dad, your grandpa, your son, your dog (we’re looking at you Miniature Schnauzer’s), your mailman, or your neighbor might be…

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