Nicie Spicie, Your Summer Wheat Ale

Sun on your face, wind on your back, and Nicie Spicie in your glass, this can only mean one thing – summer has arrived. Each time we see that burst of yellow and orange lining store shelves we do a little jump for joy. OK, we do a big jump for joy, because this brew is refreshing and packed with flavor and we’ve waited nearly a year for its return!

Nicie Spicie (5.0% ABV – 25 IBU) is a Northern Michigan spiced wheat ale made with a 50/50 blend of malted barley and malted white wheat. Packed with fresh citrus zest and spiced with coriander and a peppercorn medley, this light-bodied ale is complex, yet scrumptious. Nicie Spicie also has a gorgeous golden color and is crisp and refreshing.

An original Joe Short homebrew recipe, Nicie Spicie has always been ahead of its time. Delivering the fresh citrus flavors we all love in a summer wheat ale, with the added delight of a  dash of pepper-spice on the tongue. Raise your glass of Nicie Spicie and cheers to a personal favorite of Joe’s and Short’s fans throughout the great lakes state. Nicie Spicie hits store shelves this week!