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Have a #NicieSummer!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the Pull Barn is hopping! It can only mean one thing: it’s time to release Nicie! Nicie (fka Nicie Spicie), our…

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Summer is Coming and Nicie Season Has Arrived

In Northern Michigan spring and summer are always a gamble. We live in fear of a late frost or a freak snowstorm, always on the lookout for a reminder of…

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Short’s Brewing Co. announces Nicie rebrand

Bellaire, Mich. – Short’s Brewing Company of Bellaire, Michigan announces a rebrand of their popular summer seasonal, Nicie, formerly known as Nicie Spicie. Nicie is an American Wheat Ale brewed…

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Nicie Week 2016

We may have dropped the “spicie,” but Nicie is back and ready for summer! In order to celebrate the rebrand of our summer seasonal we’re hosting our first ever Nicie…

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42 lbs of Hops, a 30th Birthday, and a Sneaky Brew – the Story of The Liberator

Today we’re telling a tale of friendship, a 30th birthday, 42 lbs of hops, and some sneaky sneaky Short’s employees. We give you the story of The Liberator! It was…

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Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act

When it comes to political episodes, this is about as political as we get here on Short’s Cast. Some people say “we need to bring in the suits on this…

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The Woods & Water of Antrim County

COOL PEOPLE ALERT!!!! That’s right the type of people who make this world a better place. This is a Short’s Cast devoted to highlighting some great organizations right here in…

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Nicie Spicie, Your Summer Wheat Ale

Sun on your face, wind on your back, and Nicie Spicie in your glass, this can only mean one thing – summer has arrived. Each time we see that burst…

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