Tranquil Splendor, Noble Chaos

By now, you’ve probably noticed 12-packs of our favorite Oktoberfest brew, Noble Chaos, have trickled onto store shelves. First brewed at our pub in 2005 and at a particularly trying time in Short’s History, Noble Chaos is not only delicious, but serves as a constant reminder that when the going gets rough, it’s time to wait out the storm (preferably with a beer in hand).

Released in the fall (as is traditional for an Oktoberfest or Marzen beer), Noble Chaos is best consumed at the crossroads of seasons in Northern Michigan. No longer the heat of summer and not yet deep winter, fall is a season filled with tranquil days and only the occasional chaotic squall. Most importantly, it is a season of beautiful transition when trees are filled with red, orange, and yellow leaves and the air is crisp and cool. Despite impending winter, there’s something majestic about a walk through the woods and the feeling of cool ground beneath your feet.

Paired perfectly with the change in seasons, Noble Chaos is an (5.75% ABV – 40 IBU) is an Oktoberfest or Marzen (German-style amber lager) with a subtle hop bouquet and toasted caramel malt flavors. It is a well-balanced beer that finishes fresh and clean. With a pleasant nose and medium body, this brew is a taste of the fall season.

Like the label says, (and as our early autumn promises), Noble Chaos and the change in season now offer a chance at tranquility in beverage and in life. Enjoy the splendor of the fall season with a bottle in hand and a 12-pack in the refrigerator.