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The Story of Noble Chaos as Told (mostly) by Joe Short

In life, there are many types of “chaos.” Sometimes it’s utter and sometimes it’s controlled, but have you heard of the nobel kind? Read on to learn the story behind…

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October Mixed Sixer

Woah buddy, when did fall arrive? It’s time to usher in the arrival of autumn leaves (and autumn ales), punkin’ doughnuts, and crisp nights with a new brew. But with…

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Celebrate Oktoberfest with Noble Chaos

We do fall a little different here at Short’s. Yes, we started drinking Autumn Ale in August, and we don’t feel even a little bit bad about it. In fact,…

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Once Upon an Oktoberfest

Once upon a time… Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Sachsen-Hildburghausen were married, and that was the seed that began one of the greatest beer festivals in the…

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Short’s in Barrels

If you’ve tried Bourbon Evil Urges or Bourbon Magician, then you know that Short’s has rocked the barrels a few times, but it’s time to step it up a bit. On…

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Tranquil Splendor, Noble Chaos

By now, you’ve probably noticed 12-packs of our favorite Oktoberfest brew, Noble Chaos, have trickled onto store shelves. First brewed at our pub in 2005 and at a particularly trying…

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