Ode to Joyous Almondo! Beware the Sasquatch Named Kodini!

Winter in Northern Michigan is time for snow skiing, getting cozy-cozy by the fire with your special someone, and, for us, making crazy new beers for you to try. With that spirit in mind, we bring you two new experimental beers, Joyous Almondo and Sasquatch Named Kodini. Their descriptions are below. Be sure to drop into the pub and try these out!

Joyous Almondo~ Described as an experimental Brown Ale, all traditional brewing ingredients take back seat to allow the focus to be on the “exotic” adjuncts that make this beer so special. Equal parts chocolate, coconut, and almonds create a brown ale delicacy unlike any other. Sweet soft aromas of chocolate and coconut excite the senses and peek curiosities. The first sip leads toward a perfect fusion of flavor, as chocolate and coconut seem to embrace the toasted almond qualities, complimenting and accentuating in impeccable unison. Pleasant almond flavors remain well into a finish that is not too sweet, bitter, or dry.

Sasquatch Named Kodini~ A medium bodied, light brown ale made w/ oranges, marshmallow, chocolate, and cinnamon. Following the path laid before it by other recent R&D beers, this one definitely picks up where they left off and then goes way beyond. This beer features a crazy sounding name, four unusual and exotic brewing ingredients, and a malt composition that makes it extremely hard to define. The initial aromas of zesty orange fragrances reluctantly give way to subtle hints of coco and malt. Tangy orange flavors dominate the first taste and linger into a slightly bitter finish. Eventually, the elusive malt sweetness complimented by chocolate and faint marshmallow flavors join harmoniously with the citrus and give way to traces of cinnamon. This beer is so complex that many individual components do not become more prevalent until warmer consumption temperatures are reached.