Power of Love, on the fast track to you

Break out your adult coloring books, build a blanket fort, and get ready for a throwback flavored brew with a brand new twist. Our latest specialty release will have you thinking you just sampled from a secret, adult-only lemonade stand. With the quintessential flavors of freshly squeezed lemons, sun-ripened raspberries, and fresh from-the-garden rosemary, Power of Love is the perfect summertime Shandy.

Power of Love (3.1% ABV – 20 IBU) is a truly unique pink-colored Shandy created by blending Northwoods Soda & Syrup Co. Gourmet Lemonade and a Wheat Ale brewed with raspberry and rosemary. Enticing sugary aromas intermix with appealing citrus and herb fragrances. Very sweet lemon flavors give way to a shock of tart raspberry before turning sharply dry, as if eating a piece of grapefruit.

On the fast track to a store near you, Power of Love is just the ticket to summer fun. Look for Power of Love in six-packs and on tap in the great state of Michigan beginning this Wednesday, July 13th.