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Exeter, BCUZ Out Of This World American Sour Ales Exist

You may have seen that the second brew in our Salvacious Planemo Sour Series, Exeter, is now available in stores and on tap, so it’s time to tell you all…

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Aorta Ale from the Heart, Bro.

One of our final Christmas presents to you, Short’s-i-verse, is the immortal Aorta Ale. Originally a part of our 2007 Imperial Beer Series (beer 2 of 13), Aorta Ale is…

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Skip the Mall, Celebrate Black Friday with Bourbon Publican Porter

Today’s a very special day here in the Short’s-i-verse. No no, we’re not talking about Black Friday (but kudos to you if you’re into that, you should probably pay a…

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Share Your Critterless with Friends and Family This Thanksgiving!

A short week at work calls for a double dose of specialty beer releases. Not only are we stocking the shelves with our favorite holiday classic, the juiciest Experimental IPA…

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Bucktricutioner’s Sour Glory

Heck yeah, this beer is sour! Weird, right? Nah, not at all! Rooted in historic German brewing practices, we brewed up a tasty Berliner Weisse we’ve dubbed Bucktricutioner to share…

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Power of Love, on the fast track to you

Break out your adult coloring books, build a blanket fort, and get ready for a throwback flavored brew with a brand new twist. Our latest specialty release will have you…

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