The Noble Quest for Quality

It’s been awhile since we’ve mixed science and craft beer and it’s time we get our fix. Quality is what we strive for here at Short’s and our QC team is always working hard to make our beer taste the way it should: fresh, clean, and full of flavor. Sam DeCamp is back from completing his Master Brewers Program in California and he sits in with Bridgett and Woj on the ultimate quality discussion. You’ll get to meet Leslie Nagy for the first time – who plays a vital role on the Quality Control and Quality Assurance team.

You’ll hear about what the team has recently been testing in the lab and what shiny new tools they are using that make Short’s beer top notch. You’ll look at and taste your beer with a whole new perspective after downloading this info into that big brain of yours.

Our music in this episode is kindly provided by Levi Britton who will be performing at the pub in Bellaire on Friday, July 25th at 8:30pm.