Ralph Whistler in the Flesh!

That’s right you’ve tried the beer, you’ve watched the YouTube videos, and now it’s time for Ralph Whistler to join the podcast world. If you don’t know the story of how pub brewer Luke Whitley named a beer after Ralph Whistler you’re about to hear the truth. Seriously, it’s a pretty candid interview. Luke and Ralph meet for the first time to talk about Ralph’s career as the greatest whistler in the world.

Ralph has performed all over the world, he was even on the Johnny Carson show. Now he’s performing around Michigan with his band the Whistling Muthers. You’ll hear a live performance from Ralph and his guitar player Brian. They pull out a tune called “Peanut Butter Baby.”

We want to thank Ralph for making this interview happen, and for coming up to Bellaire from Port Huron to help Short’s Brewing Company celebrate 12 years of brewing. It was an honor to meet the real Ralph Whistler!