Michigan Craft Soda from Northwoods Soda

Craft Beer and Craft Soda are pretty much cousins right? Well we’re rolling with that and bringing in the family owned Northwoods Soda from just up the road in Williamsburg. Bill Fosdick started this local soda company over 20 years ago and later on as the business grew he was joined by his son David. Michigan restaurants are loving it and so is Short’s! We recently used the Northwoods Soda Lemonade in our new summer shandy, Power of Love.

You’re going to learn yourself quite a few things about soda as well as where you can find yourself a bottle throughout the great state of Michigan.

Our music in this episode is kindly provided by the band Valentiger, they are performing at the pub in Bellaire on Friday night, July 22nd at 8:30pm. You’ll hear the song “What Makes A Heart.”

We want to thank Bill and David for their hospitality and we encourage you to find yourself some Northwoods Soda. Let us know what you think!