Michigan Only, Michigan Forever On Tour!

Woj and Bridgett are back along with some voices we haven’t heard in a while on this week’s episode of Short’s Cast. So when Pauline Knighton, Brian Talpos, Scott Newman Bale, and our CEO, Joe Short stop by the show it’s bound to be a good time with great stories.

On this episode we’re talking all about our motto “Michigan Only, Michigan Forever.” What does it mean? Who came up with this contrarian philosophy? And how many bets have been placed banking on Short’s leaving the state of Michigan? (Well that’s not going to happen people, so if you’re betting on Short’s staying in the Great Lake state you got a good head on those shoulders).

First, Beer Liberators Pauline Knighton and Brian Talpos discuss plans to bring Joe Short on tour and the logistics that go into making that happen. The first tour will be in our capital city of Lansing, East Lansing (home of the Spartans), and Okemos. They’ll break down the 3 day tour, so if you want to attend you should probably listen and take notes.

In our second segment Joe Short and Scott Newman Bale talk about the mind-set behind “Michigan Only, Michigan Forever” and why Short’s is not budging on distribution outside the state. Remember good people, it wasn’t that long ago when Michigan suffered an awful recession and people were actively leaving our state in search of work. It took ideas just like this one to turn Michigan’s economy around. Creating a buzz about the breweries, the food, and the beauty, helped this great state get back to being the powerhouse we all know it is.

The music on this episode comes from one of the most acclaimed bands in the state right now, The Go Rounds. On this episode you’re going to hear the song “No Rivals” from their latest album “Don’t Go Not Changin.” They will be playing at the pub on Friday, November 27th at 8:30 pm.

This weeks beer release is Cup A Joe, a coffee cream stout brewed with Higher Grounds Coffee. It’s a delicious stout now available in six-packs all across Michigan.