Short’s and L. Mawby Roundtable

Well this is about as good as it gets for September in Michigan. We’ve had beautiful weather and it inspired us to take a road trip out to the Leelanau Peninsula to talk with Larry Mawby and Mike Laing from L. Mawby, M. Lawrence, and Big Little. Mawby is an extremely beautiful vineyard that specializes in sparking wines and is a must stop for all wine tours rolling around the Leelanau Peninsula.

Bridgett and Woj get a history lesson from Larry about the birth of the wine industry in Northern Michigan and everything from the rise of the vineyard to self-distribution. Larry heads up the bottle fermented wine, and Mike Lang oversees all operations involving the tank fermented wines. Mike took the opportunity to learn as much as possible from Larry and worked his way up through the company. He now owns Big Little wines with his brother, Peter, which is located on the Mawby vineyard.

The music featured on this episode of Short’s Cast was kindly provided by Black Jake and the Carnies who will be performing at the pub on Friday, October 2nd at 9:00 pm. You’ll hear their songs “Jasper Watkins” and “Paper Outlaw”.

This week’s beer release is MMMKAY which is pronounced MMM-KAY. Find this Short’s specialty release on store shelves this beginning this week throughout the Great Lakes state!

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