Short’s Softball Is Back

There is a softball field on Torch Lake, just south of Alden, where stars are born. Many of these stars brew or serve beer by day, but also possess superior athletic talents that can only be witnessed on the softball diamond. These are the men and women of Short’s.

It all begins at 6:30 on Tuesday nights. As the sun tips lower in the sky, Short’s employees, patrons, and friends begin to arrive. Coach James surveys the group and, with a keen eye for talent, divides the group into two teams. No one even dares utter a “pick me, pick me” because Coach James would be unswayed in his decisions. He knows. He just knows.

There is no score in Short’s softball, nor is there a strike count. The only rule is that three outs ends an inning, and if a team overthrows a base (which happens just about every time we make a throw to a base), the base runner only gets to take one free base. Sometimes we look pretty good, other times we look like little kids at their first day of little league practice. But at the end of the day, what other team in America has growlers of experimental new Short’s Brew in its dugouts, or a Torch Lake Beach as it’s outfield fence?

If you happen to be in the Antrim County area on a Tuesday night, and are interested in playing softball with us, just let us know. We are a welcoming group, we have extra equipment, and no particular talent level is required! To see pictures from one of our recent practices, click here.

-SBC Employee Wellness Staff