Short’s Spotlight: Pubtenders Sure Know How to Shake a Hand!

The people who work at Short’s are all very awesome. They are great people, teammates, parents, and friends. This week’s Short’s spotlight interviewees are no exception. As the pubtenders say, they are the handshake of the company, the faces that the public sees and thinks of when they think “Short’s”. Amanda Crambell and Rhiannon Zeeff sure give great handshakes, so today’s Short’s spotlight is beaming down on them! Let’s get to know the two ladies, shall we?

IMG_20140527_1630541. What is your name? What do people call you? What do you call yourself?

Amanda: Amanda Lynn Crambell. Mostly Amanda, but a few notables call me by various nicknames ranging from Manders to Mandawg to mama.  I call myself Amanda.

14136000161_d7cba9f3cb_bRhiannon: My name is Rhiannon Zeeff. And yes, I was named after the Fleetwood Mac song! Friends and family call me “Rhi,” “Sweet Rhi,” or “Rhi-Bee Butts” (thanks Dad!). I just call myself, “Rhiannon ‘Truth Be Told’ Zeeff.”

2. What is your role at Short’s and how long have you worked here?

Amanda: I am a Pubtender in Bellaire at our brewpub. It’ll be two years this December that I have worked at Short’s.

Rhiannon: I have worked at Short’s for the past four years as a Pubtender as well. However, both Amanda and myself do more than just pour beer. We are enthusiastic beer educators for our guests, and we have become family for our regular patrons. It is a pretty awesome job.

3. If you could go anywhere in the world for a week, where would you go and what Short’s Beer would you pack to take along?

Rhiannon: If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to New Zealand with Autumn Ale in hand!

Amanda: New Zealand sounds pretty epic, but hands down I would travel to Costa Rica. Sunny, hot, beautiful water, and relaxing, it’s a pretty great vacation spot. And as I was sitting on the beach, I would make sure to have my cooler filled with a growler of Snozzleberry Griffin. This beer is my favorite and is perfect for a tropical setting of relaxation and beauty.

4. What is your favorite thing to do in Northern Michigan?

Amanda: That is a tough one, but being on the lake in the summer months definitely makes the top of my list. I would say taking the boat out on gorgeous Torch Lake is my absolute favorite. Oh, and going disc golfing too. Can’t forget about that!

Rhiannon: I agree with Amanda, the water is awesome up here, but my favorite thing to do in Northern Michigan is hike the many trails in the area. I also love going camping and fishing with my sweetheart Joe, and no, not Joe Short, different Joe!

5. What is your favorite idea or thing right now?

Rhiannon: My favorite thing right now is getting whipped into derby shape with my roller derby team, The Small Town Outlaws out of Kalkaska. This is a rockin’ team made up of great northern Michigan girls. It feels good getting back on my skates after taking some time off!

Amanda: My favorite idea and thing are the Detroit Tigers. Watching the games is just the perfect complement to summer days, or evenings, on the lake.

6. If you were a shoe, what would you choose? Why?

Rhiannon: What a question! If I were a shoe I would be a wooden shoe. Why? Well, because I am tough, slightly amusing, sleek and part Dutch. It seemed only fitting.

Amanda: Hmmmm…I would choose a flip flop.  Mostly because that’s all I like to wear once weather is warm enough. It’s exciting that first day you get to pull them out from the back of your closet and slip them on, especially after a long winter.

7. Why work in the craft beer industry?

IMAG0437Amanda: I didn’t pursue a job in the craft industry on purpose. I had just relocated to northern Michigan and bought a house near Schuss Mountain. I was searching for a job and was actually following a lead off of craigslist for a waitress/bartender position which turned out to be for the Bellaire Bar. After filling out my application, I decided to stop at Short’s and see if they were accepting applications. I got a call from Short’s a few days later! At the time, I didn’t drink too much beer and didn’t really understand the full scope of the industry. In my tenure here, my horizons have expanded and I now find myself enjoying all types of beer that I never before would have even given a second thought.  Mostly I’m happy to be in such a creative industry filled with many interesting people who have helped me grow my own craft knowledge.

9015821617_6ae47a9790_bRhiannon: I agree with Amanda, my beer horizons have been expanded since starting in this industry, specifically since working at Short’s. This industry has changed my perception of not only beer, but also life. I have brewed at the Bellaire facility with the Bellaire brewers, which gave me a greater understanding of the ins and outs of making a great beer. This experience has helped my ability to educate our guests in their quest for finding the best beer for their taste buds. After seeing so many crazy beers that come and go at Short’s, I appreciate that sometimes you have to take culinary risks to obtain success. But most of all, I love having the honor of being part of the ever growing Short’s family.

In addition to these two beautiful ladies rockin’ it out at the pub everyday, they are also wonderful mothers! It takes hard-working, dedicated, and goofy people to keep the pub on its A-Game at all times, and we sure have the staff to make that happen. Additionally, Rhiannon recently received the Northern Michigan Red Hot Best Waitress of the year award. Sweet Rhi, you go girl!