Short’s Travels to Crunchy’s in East Lansing

In the fall of 2015 Short’s Cast did a little traveling and East Lansing was on the destination list. Not only is it the home of Michigan State University, but it’s also the home of Crunchy’s. Crunchy’s is one of Short’s longest standing accounts. Local’s is always on tap at Crunchy’s which is famous for its burgers, beer, and karaoke.

Karaoke enthusiast Woj and Bridgett have a chance to talk with Owner/General, Manager Mike Kruger, and Manager, Ellen Leonard about the nostalgia of Crunchy’s and their relationship with Michigan craft beer. Crunchy’s is a big part of Michigan State’s culture and if you’re in the area you should stop in, order a burger, a Local’s, and think about what song will best showcase your vocal chops.

Our music today is from the Ragbirds who will be performing at the pub on February 6th, at 9:00 pm. You’ll hear their songs “Six Wheels” and “Tarantula” on this episode. FUN FACT: The Ragbirds hold a special place in the hearts of Joe and Leah Short as they we’re the band that performed at their wedding.

We’ve got two beer releases this week. One is hitting draft lines all across the great state of Michigan! It’s a new sour ale called Peachy Pom Pom.

Our other beer release is one of the biggest beers that will every cross your palate. It’s special Triple IPA called Batch 5000. We’ve brewed up 5000 batches of craft beer at our Elk Rapids Production Facility. Batch 5000 is the perfect beer to celebrate this achievement. If you’re lucky enough to find a 22 oz bottle of this beauty, your taste buds will be the ones celebrating. Cheers and thanks for listening to Short’s Cast!