Short’s vs The Polar Vortex!

Ready….Fight! That’s right good humans, this winter has been brutal. Causing people to slide into snow banks all across America! “Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the mouth”, smartest thing Mike Tyson ever said. So when plans go astray and things freeze, we bring out the Skinny, and then Skinny brings out the chainsaw!

Pauline Knighton sits down with Joe Short to talk about the first few winters that Short’s Brewing Company faced, and Joe tells some very candid stories of how they survived those first winters. Then Pauline brings in “Skinny,” AKA Nicolas Fairbanks, to talk about how the crew at the production facility in Elk Rapids attacks the hurdles winter puts in their way.

Music is provided by Blake Elliot and The Robison Affair. The tracks are “You Don’t Feel The Same About Me” and “Thinkin” off of the album “Feeling Right Now.”

Seth Bernard is hosting an open jam session at the brewpub in Bellaire tonight (Tuesday Feb 18th) at 7pm.

“Happy” Jack Archiable talks about the new beer release, “Uncle Steve’s Irish Stout” set to hit the shelves at the end of this month.

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