Soft Parade 12 Packs Are Here, For Real

Short’s fans, this is no joke. We’re so excited to officially announce that Soft Parade 12 packs are now in stores!

Over time, we’ve realized that 6 bottles of Soft Parade just isn’t enough. Sure you can pick up one, two, or more six packs of this fantastic, flagship Short’s brew, but why not pick up 12 bottles safely snuggled into one compact delivery vehicle?

Soft Parade (7.5% ABV – 15 IBU) is one of the original Short’s brews. Joe Short developed this recipe to incorporate a medley of berries, have a beautiful color, and appeal to a wide variety of taste buds – especially those accustomed to drinking wine. Soft Parade quickly became a fan favorite. We hope these new, beautiful pink Soft Parade 12 packs not only catch your eye, but help you quench your insatiable thirst for our Michigan only fruit-filled rye ale.

For the inside scoop on Soft Parade, take a listen to the Flagship Series: Soft Parade episode of Short’s Cast.

We know today is April 1st, but we promise, we wouldn’t joke about news this big! See for yourself, Soft Parade 12 packs are on their way to stores, today.