Bourbon barrel aged Space Rock?… Space Drop has landed

A number of months ago we tucked a batch of Space Rock, our favorite American Pale Ale, into barrels for a little snooze. 7 months later, we pulled samples and decided it was time to wake this brew up for a summertime release. In the spirit of constantly one upping ourselves, this week we’re releasing the subtly boozy, bourbon barrel aged, out of this world, Space Drop.

Space Drop (6.9% ABV – 60 IBU) is a bourbon barrel aged American Pale Ale we make by aging Short’s Flagship American Pale Ale, Space Rock, in bourbon barrels for 7 months and dry hopping the nearly finished brew. Bright with a golden hue, Space Drop pours with a big head that settles quickly into a thin layer that clings to the glass. Citrus aromas are accompanied by subtle scents of oak and bourbon. Upon first sip bitter, citrus flavors abound. Accompanied by light oak and bourbon, Space Drop is quite balanced. This brew finishes dry with a slight bitterness.

Produced in very limited quantities, you’ll only find this specialty release from our Elk Rapids Bomber Series on Michigan store shelves. This variation of our SBC Flagship is so delicious, we’re not sure how we’ll ever top it. Jet over to your favorite craft beverage store this week! We’re sure this brew isn’t long for this planet.