Spruce Pilsner Update: It Has Been Bottled!

We promised to keep you posted on the status of one of our most anticipated specialty beer releases: India Spruce Pilsner. As the people who have been anticipating this beer know, the “popping” of the spruce tips needed for this beer happened late this year, pushing the brewing date back about a week and a half. But today is the day, and the beer has been bottled. We took some to the pub today, so it is currently available for sale at that location. It should hit stores next week.

If you love this beer, be sure to stock up because it won’t last long. However, due to demand, we brewed almost 3 times as much this year as we did last. To read our earlier post about Spruce Pils, click here. To view all of our 2011 Spruce Pils production photos, go here.