Stardust Lanes Roundtable

Short’s Cast is on the road again and this time we’re headed to Saginaw to go BOWLING?! Stardust Lanes is a family owned bowling alley committed to craft beer. They’ve carried Short’s brews since 2011.

Bridgett and Woj sit down with Owner, Derek Richards and Food & Beverage Manager, Mike Sassone. They give us insight into the growing craft beer culture in Saginaw and the process behind Stardust’s 41 taps that are all devoted to craft beer.

Stardust Lanes was built by Joesph Deisler who had a love for Las Vegas. So much so that he built a bowling alley inspired by his favorite casino, the Stardust Casino. Mr. Deisler must have had some good times in Vegas, because we had some great times in Saginaw. Thanks to the Stardust Lanes staff for their hospitality and for joining us on Short’s Cast.

The music you’ll hear on this week’s episode is by our Anni Party headliner, Vulfpeck! You’ll hear their songs “Adrienne & Adrianne,” and “Back Pocket” from their new album, “Thrill of the Arts.”

This week’s beer release is a beer that debuted at Short’s 11 Year Anniversary Extravaganza. If you listened to the podcast dedicated to last year’s party, you heard a lot about a beer called “Mr Fusion.” It’s a  green tea and mint infused IPA with light, sweet lemon-lime aromas and it’s available now in six-packs. Tickets are now on sale for The Short’s Anni Party XII. Visit for all the details!