Summer Variety Pack 2014

Summertime is for outdoor activities and drinking beer. This Short’s Summer Variety Pack helps you do both! Well, primarily the beer part. Lift up those trendy polarized shades and take a peek at this list:

Stroker Ace (American Session IPA)- Stroker Ace - webA bright, carrot-orange colored ale with fruity hop aromas of citrus zest. This brew is light bodied with low malt sweetness, which allows for an array of noticeable lemony flavors that range from citrus fruit to lemongrass. A proper IPA bitterness resonates in the back of the throat providing a slight lingering bite, and an increasing dryness. As for the name, it comes from a Ween song titled “Stroker Ace” off of their incredible 8th studio album, White Pepper. (4.0% ABV, 70 IBU)

Wit Happens (Belgian Wit) – A Belgian WhiteWit Happens beer brewed with coriander, grains of paradise, and orange peel. Delicate aromas of sweet citrus and bready malt rise from this hazy pale yellow ale. Although perceivably low on the nose, the spicy contributions from the Belgian yeast come through instantly upon first taste, offering pleasant clove complements to the additional peppery flavors. Followed by a soft banana-like sweetness and a mildly pleasant tang, the finish is relatively clean marked by a slight spiciness and a touch of bitterness. (4.9% ABV, 20 IBU)

Kolsch 45 (Kolsch) –Kolsch-45 Just what you need on a hot summer day. Kölsch beer originated in Cologne, Germany and is unique in that it is a warm fermented ale, but is aged like most traditional German lagers at a cool temperature. Though light in body and color, its prominent hoppiness and radiant yellow “straw” color sets it apart. As you taste Kolsch 45, you’ll notice that the head retains prominent, pleasant aromas. Light Pilsen and Munich malt aid in the crisp, refreshing nature of this beer. Hop bitterness is present without adding a lingering resonance. (4.8% ABV, 25 IBU)

Night Wheeler (Session Black Lager) – Night WheelerA dark black lager with bold roasted malt and faint citrus hop aromas.  Robust flavors of burnt cocoa and roasted espresso barely give way to some mild orange and grapefruit hoppiness.  Night Wheeler’s light body and crisp nature allows for a showcased bitterness that seems delayed at first, but builds to a powerful finish. (4.0% ABV, 60 IBU)