The Traveling Short’s Show

The Short’s Fest and Events team is coming off some major victories with the 11 Year Anniversary Extravaganza being a huge success, as well as events like Conquer The Village, Extreme Beer Fest, and many more. We had to bring David Truax and Sarah Bozarth back into the studio to recap past events and look forward to summer 2015.

Woj and Bridgett take the hosting chairs to try and pry some previews out of the Fest and Events Team who keep their designs in house until the day of the event. Each Fest and Events team member has a different skill set and continuiously breathe their talents and passion for the craft beer industry in everything they do.

The music in this podcast was kindly provided by the band Dragon Wagon out of Ann Arbor. They will be performing at the pub in Bellaire on June 5th starting at 8:30pm. On this episode you’ll hear their songs “So The Story Goes” and “Whiskey in the Morning”. You can find more information about Dragon Wagon on their website

We are happy to announce that Space Rock has returned to distribution and is the newest Short’s Flagship. Space Rock is an Amercian Pale Ale which was highlighted in Short’s Pale Ale series. It was a huge success and it’s now in stores all across the great state of Michigan.

We hope you enjoy this episode of Short’s Cast and if you’re interested in contacting the show with a question please feel free to email us at [email protected].