A trip to Great Lakes Potato Chips

Back on the road with another installment of our Summer Cook Out Series. First we went to Northwoods Soda’s who’s dishing out the non-alcoholic beverages for the good DD’s of the world, and now…oh man. You’ve had them at the pub, you’ve seen them on the shelves, and if you live in Northern Michigan you’re most likely addicted to Great Lakes Potato Chips! We knew they were special and now the world knows with the recent national awards they have won.

Bridgett and Woj meet Ed Girrbach and Kevin Paveglio who lead a staff full of motivated potato peelers into battle everyday, processing up to 40,000 lbs of Michigan potatoes a week! The Original flavor, which was just chosen as the #1 kettle chip in America by the Chicago Tribune, accounts for 60% of Great Lakes Potato Chip’s sales. Michiganders consume more potato chips then any other state in the good ole U.S.A., and if you’ve tasted a Great Lakes Potato Chip you’ll understand why.

We’d like to thank Ed and Kevin for their time and hospitality.

Short’s Fest is sold out which is a total bummer for those who don’t plan ahead, but you can always listen to jams from the bands that will be performing at Short’s Fest. Who knows, they might be coming to a town near you. You’ll hear the song “We’re So Lonely” by Vox Vidorra, and “Sinking Faster” by AOK Music. If these bands are coming to a venue near you, we highly recommend you check them out. Thanks to Vox Vidorra and AOK for permission to use their fantastic music.