Variety Pack – December 2016

Now available on store shelves, try out latest variety pack. Each pack contains 3 12oz bottles each of 4 different Short’s brews; Ester, Small Heath, Bim Bam Bom, and MMMKAY. Find Short’s Brewing Company variety packs wherever Short’s is sold!
EsterEster Web-01 (4.5% ABV – 53 IBU) is a clear golden Extra Pale Ale with an abundance of doughy, fruity, and spicy yeast and hop aromas. With a very light body and some delicate cracker-like malt flavors, the focus quickly shifts to big bitter hop flavors of dandelion and similar leafy greens, punctuated by a dry finish.



Small HeathSmallHeath-web (3.9% ABV – 22 IBU) is an English Mild Ale inspired by the show “Peaky Blinders.” This ale is copper colored and has a lasting white head. The nose is malt forward with notes of toasted grain and caramel, but balanced with herbal and grassy flavors derived from the use of English Noble hops. The beer is creamy, medium bodied, and finishes smooth.



Bim Bam BoomBim Bam Boom 12x12 (10.3% ABV – 36 IBU) is a rich dark Stout brewed with cacao nibs, cayenne pepper, and orange.  Initial flavors are of sweet citrus followed by a lively tingling of peppery spice.  A finish complete with roasted cocoa and tart orange flavors leaves a lasting impression.



MMMKAYMMMKAY (5.6% ABV – 72 IBU) is an India Pale Lager originally produced from the final runnings of Aww Jeah. Since then, its own malt bill has been developed so the good people of Michigan can have access to MMMKAY even when Aww Jeah hasn’t been brewed. The initial fragrances are of bold citrus fruit; guava, orange, and lemon. As the head settles, the aromas shift to fresh evergreen accents. Indicated by the light body and pale yellow appearance, the focus of the beer is on hops, rather than malt. An array of enjoyable American hop flavors shock the palate ranging from slightly fruity to an intense earthy pine. A bold bitterness dominates the finish, enhanced by the clean unobtrusive nature of its lager origin.