Variety Pack – July 2016 Release

Our newest variety pack will begin hitting distribution soon. Look for it on store shelves later this month and enjoy Guess the Dry Hop Local’s, Mule Beer, Kolsch 45, and Blanco Suave.


Guess the Dry Hop Local's

Guess the Dry Hop Local’s (5.2% ABV – 36 IBU) is our light and very tasty lager, but with a fun new twist. Bursting with tropical fruit aromas, similar complimentary hop flavors are perceived within, but without any imparted bitterness. The light pilsen malt creates a soft and subtle flavor profile that finishes crisp and clean, once the initial hoppy perceptions subside.


Mule Beer 16x16

Mule Beer (6.2% ABV – 25 IBU) is an Experimental American Blonde Ale brewed with lime and ginger. Designed to mimic the flavors of a Moscow Mule, Mule Beer is bright and pale orange in color. This brew is medium-bodied and well balanced with scents and flavors of of malt, ginger, and subtle lime.



Kolsch 45 16x16

Kölsch 45 (6.7% ABV – 22 IBU) is a unique warm fermented ale, that is aged like most traditional German Lagers at a cool temperature. Though light in body and color, its prominent hoppiness and radiant yellow “straw” color set it apart. The sustaining head retains prominent, pleasant aromas which aid in the crisp, refreshing nature of this beer. Hop bitterness is present, but not overwhelming.


Blanco Suave web

Blanco Suave (6.6% ABV – 21 IBU) is a Belgian Style White Ale brewed with lime, agave, coriander, tangerine peel, and Grains of Paradise. Light bodied with a hazy yellow color.  Bold citrus aromas practically leap from the glass with traces of nutmeg and spice.  Crisp and tart flavors of lime make for a truly enjoyable and refreshing clean beer with lingering notes of wheat in the finish.