Variety Pack V.5 2017

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Pineapple Pilsner: Pineapple Pilsner (5% ABV – 50 IBU) is a refreshing American Pilsner with an exotic twist. Subtle esters of grain and hints of sweet citrus fruit collide with a mouth puckering pineapple flavor. The slight essence of malt and corn produce a relatively clean mouthfeel and a lingering tart finish.


Keep It in CzechKeep It In Czech (5.3% ABV – 40 IBU) is a Bohemian Style Pilsner with a golden straw color and a thick white head. The use of traditional Noble Saaz hops provides this beer with a light grain and slightly herbal or floral scent. Keep It In Czech is slightly malty, but balanced by earth and floral hop flavors. Overall this brew is light-bodied, clean, and crisp.


Spruce Pilsner: Spruce Pilsner (10.4% ABV – 85 IBU) is an Imperial Pilsner, fermented with local, hand-picked blue spruce tips. The spruce presence, rooted in historical brewing practices, is enormous and gives the beer a refreshing gin quality. This beer is impressively light-bodied, considering the immense spruce flavors and the prodigious additions of hops.


Speedcult Black LagerSpeecult Black Lager (4% ABV – 30 IBU) is a dark, black-colored Lager with an alluring tan lace. Enticing aromas of cocoa and burnt marshmallows lead into big flavors of chocolate in this Lager. Speedcult Black Lager’s finish is clean and dry with a slight hoppy bitterness.