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Tap Takeover at Tappers!

Come try an amazing lineup of Short’s beers (with some very exclusive releases), play some arcade games, and meet the Short’s Rep! Beer List: Bim Bam Boom Spruce Pilsner Nicie…

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Short’s Tap Takeover At Ralston’s!

Come try some exclusive beers from Short’s Brewing Co, sent down from Michigan for a special one-weekend-only tapping! Featuring the fan favorite Psychedelic Cat Grass, we will have great giveaways,…

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Variety Pack V.5 2017

Coming to a store near you soon! Pineapple Pilsner: Pineapple Pilsner (5% ABV – 50 IBU) is a refreshing American Pilsner with an exotic twist. Subtle esters of grain and hints…

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Short’s Spotlight: Emily Kwekel

It’s a new year and now that we’ve finally got our bearings (no more writing “2016” at the tops of our papers for this crew), we’re ready to shine the…

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From forest to fermenter – Spruce Pilsner

As the “Willy Wonka” of Michigan craft beer, we know a thing or two about making unique and tasty brews. With something new pouring from our pub taps nearly every…

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Handmade By People Who Care in Northern MI Revisited

Just about this time last year we began writing the blog post you see below, highlighting our very own Spruce Pilsner, a beer we lovingly craft from field to fermenter…

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Handmade by People Who Care in Northern Michigan

“Handmade by people who care in Northern Michigan” – it’s a simple statement, but it says everything about our mission. Here at SBC, we’re proud of who we are, what…

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Behind The Brew… Spruce Pilsner

On this episode of Short’s Cast we’re going to delve into the process (and maybe even some of the secrets) of Spruce Pilsner. One of the beers that Short’s entire…

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From Forest to Bottle, Spruce Pilsner is Ready for Savoring

About a month ago, Joe Short summoned the troops (trusty Short’s Brewing Company employees) and set out for a top secret location. The mission? Harvest enough fresh and ever so…

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