Variety Pack – December 2015 Release

Our next variety pack will be released later this month. Look for it on store shelves for the chance to taste Electric Mullet, London Fog, Bonafide Legit, and Earl of Brixom.

Electric Mullet 16x16Electric Mullet: Electric Mullet (6.7% ABV – 85 IBU) is a clear bright yellow Imperial Cream Ale with big doughy yeast aromas.  Sweet cakey malt and hearty milled grain flavors cleanly transition to a consistent piney hop bitterness, leaving a lasting dryness in the finish.



London Fog webLondon Fog: London Fog (6.3% ABV – 5 IBU) is a medium bodied English Brown Ale with notable herbal aromatics, including a light citrus spice and a touch of mint. All of these aromatics originate from the addition of Earl Gray tea.  Pleasing fruity flavors of peach and raspberry result from the interesting union of malt sweetness and bold tea.  Further additions of vanilla and milk sugar provide a rich creaminess that coats the palate nicely.  The finish contains only a mild lingering sweetness despite the array of flavors up front.


Bonafide LegitBonafide Legit: Bonafide Legit (6% ABV – 85 IBU) is a light bodied American Pale Ale brewed with Northern Michigan grown Summit hops.  An excellent sharp aroma of strong floral and fruity characteristics stings the senses with hop laced anticipation. A sticky hop filled mouthful of damp earthy pine with notable herbal accents coats the entire mouth, followed by a big resiny bitterness that lingers well into the finish, drying the palate and resonating boldly.


Earl of Brixom - WebEarl of Brixom: Earl of Brixom (3.9% ABV – 25 IBU) is an English Dark Mild Ale with a rich brown color and a mocha laced aroma. The overall body is lighter than it appears, yet robust flavors of roasted malt, chocolate, and caramel are prevalent. This beer is filled with flavor, but not overly sweet. The finish is pleasantly clean with a slight, black-coffee-like bitterness.