Warm Up with a Tequila Sauna

It’s time to warm up with the first Private Stache release of fall, Tequila Sauna!

Tequila Sauna (6.7% ABV) is a Golden Sour aged in tequila barrels fermented with orange and pomegranate. This beer has a dark gold hue and a big nose of tequila, oak, and wisps of tangy fruit. Tequila and oak flavors are present at first sip followed by a mouth coating acidity. Mild flavors of pomegranate and orange peak through before a dry and slightly funky finish.

We’re not going to say too much about the label artwork, it really speaks for itself. But we will say this, Tequila Sauna was inspired by real life events (and even a real life photo). We should also say a quick thank you to our incredible artist, Tanya Whitley, for making our brewer bods looks so damn good on that bottle!

Tequila Sauna is now on sale in Bellaire for the sweet, sweet price of $9.99. Like all Private Stache releases, Tequila Sauna is available in very limited quantities at the pub and Short’s Mart.