Bucktricutioner’s Sour Glory

Heck yeah, this beer is sour!

Weird, right? Nah, not at all! Rooted in historic German brewing practices, we brewed up a tasty Berliner Weisse we’ve dubbed Bucktricutioner to share with you. Similar to Bucktricity Kills (packaged in 2015), Bucktricutioner is brewed with the addition of strawberries and limes. With a sour fruit punch and a crisp finish, this beer is the perfect brew to wrap up a summer of fruity fresh beers.

Bucktricutioner (3.25 % ABV – 44 IBU) is a light bodied Berliner Weisse brewed with 50% malted wheat, strawberries, and limes.  This beer is pink in color with notable aromas of wheat and yeast esters that combine with some subtle citrus scents, creating a pleasantly refreshing nose. Delicate grain flavors give way to bright, tart lemon-lime qualities and sweet fruit before slightly drying the palate for a finish that is crisp and clean.

If you dig tart candy, fresh fruit, Deutschland, sour flavors, or trying new styles of beer, you probably ought to go find yourself a sixer of Bucktricutioner. Sorry out of state folks, this brew will only be available in bottles in Michigan. This specialty is sure to leap from store shelves. Get ‘er while you can!

4 thoughts on “Bucktricutioner’s Sour Glory”

  1. Chad richards says:

    Where can you get it I will be traveling to your brewery this weekend

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      Hey Chad,

      Bucktricutioner will be available at stores throughout the state beginning this week. We’ll also have it for sale at our pub and Short’s Mart this weekend.


  2. Elisa says:

    How long will Bucktricutioner be at The pub? Buck himself would love to come and try it. Also when do you carry Bucktricity?

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      Hey Elisa,

      Bucktricutioner is not currently on tap at the pub, but it is available in bottles state-wide, at the pub, and at Short’s Mart. Bucktricity Kills is not on our 2016 schedule, but it might make an appearance on tap at a later date. We’d love to see Buck at the pub!

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