Short’s Brewing Company proudly promises to invest in our consumers as much as possible. We frequently receive questions from Short’s fans from all over the country that range in all areas of our business. We are flattered by the interest taken in our company and everyone’s desire to learn more about what we do. Short’s strives to field as many personal questions as possible and tries to do so in an efficient and time-effective manner. Some of these questions have become quite frequent among Short’s enthusiasts.  So, we thought that we would make them accessible to you for immediate answers and time spent more productively for all.





About Our Beer

Q: Where can I find your beer?

A: Short's Brewing Company products are currently available in 11 states across the mid-west and as far reaching as Colorado and Florida. Check out our beer finder to track down our products of passion near you.

Q: Can you ship me beer?

A: Unfortunately it is against the law for us to mail or ship beer directly to customers. Short's beers are currently available in 11 states, mainly in the mid-west but as far reaching as New Jersey, Colorado, and Florida. You can reference our Beer Locator to find some near you!

Q: Do you fill personal cornie kegs?

A: If you have your own cornie keg you would like to fill, please have it cleaned, sanitized and pressurized to 10-15 PSI. Emailing is essential, as brewers may not have time to fill your keg without a scheduled appointment and so we can also supply a list of beers that are available to be filled. Please be ready to sit down and have a pint or two while you wait for your keg to be filled, or feel free to drop your cornie off for 24 hours and come back for pickup. Please note that all personal keg pick ups and drop offs are done at the Bellaire location only.

Q: Where do you get the ideas for these beers, names and labels?

A: Conceptual ideas for the beer can come from anywhere. Basically, if we can dream it, we’ll try to brew it! The names usually pick themselves and tend to appear after a good night of getting “acquainted” with the new style. We try to use a collection of independent artists and designers for our signature labels.

Q: I want to distribute your beer.

A: Imperial Beverage is our distributor throughout of the state of Michigan. Outside of Michigan we work with a handful of trusted partners across 11 states.

If you're interested in distributing our beer elsewhere, please e-mail

Q: I want to sell your beer in my store/bar.

A: Imperial Beverage is our distributor throughout of the state of Michigan, and we work with a handful of distributors in our other states. To learn who your local rep is or to discuss particular Short’s products, please email

Q: I want to have a Short’s beer dinner at my establishment.

A: Thanks for your interest in hosting a Short's event! There's nothing better than the right beer with a great dish, email and we can connect you with your local Liberator to explore hosting a Short's event.

Q: Does your beer need to be kept refrigerated?

A: Beer is a perishable product and without proper refrigerated storage, it will deteriorate more quickly over time. While our beer ideally would be kept cool in stores, we understand that refrigerated storage space is limited at many retailers. Therefore, we have taken many steps to ensure that our product can withstand the conditions it may encounter in the field. Under proper storage conditions our products can remain tasty and quaffable for up to six months, and beyond! (That date on your can, that's a BORN ON date. Add six months and you'll know how long to keep your beer around.)

Q: Is yeast at the bottom of my bottled beer normal?

A: Yes, a little yeast is good sign! We do not filter our beer, but we do separate the yeast and hops from beer using a centrifuge. Filtering often strips flavor from beer. That'd be a bummer. Our centrifuge uses a different process and removes the majority, but not all of the yeast and hop in the beer and because of that, the flavor is great and there is still a small bit of yeast in the package. Yeast is yummy in small amounts. They want to be eaten, trust us!

Q: Do you use local ingredients when making your beers?

A: We use local ingredients whenever they’re available, cost effective and consistently available. We're super proud of Pure Michigan Autumn IPA,  made entirely with ingredients grown on Michigan farms. This is a quintessential IPA with balanced hop bitterness and malty, fruited sweetness and comes out right around the first day of fall.

Q: How many carbs and/or calories are in your beer?

A: Each of our beers is made of unique ingredients for unique flavor experiences. For folks who may be counting carbs and cals, we've got a couple suggestions for ya.

Local's Light* American Light Lager
115 cals / 12 oz
3 carbs / 12 oz
*made with real grain—no rice or corn

Lil' Huma Session India Pale Ale
95 cals / 12 oz
4 carbs / 12 oz

Q: Do you make gluten-free beer?

A: In 2013, we undertook our first attempt at a true Short’s Brew quality beer that contains less gluten. Focusing on what many of us would want to drink if we were cut off from beer for any length of time, the beer created was a low-gluten India Pale Lager (Alien Einstein).  It is incredibly delicious!

In order to ensure that our new low-gluten process was successful, and to make certain we would not be misleading people by falsely promoting a low-gluten beer option, we sent samples to a lab where gluten content could be determined.  Though this beer cannot be promoted as “gluten free” (since it started off deriving from gluten based cereal grains), we hoped that the test result numbers would provide us with the security and information to encourage gluten-intolerant folks to try it with confidence. When the test results returned, the gluten levels were too low to even read. This beer produced gluten readings that were below ten parts per million, the allowable numbers for gluten-free products.  As brewery manager Tyler Glaze put it, this beer has lower gluten levels than gluten free but cannot be called “gluten free.”

Subsequently in 2015, we added Space Rock to our flagship lineup, and in August of that year we made this beer "Crafted to Remove Gluten".

Q: Is the Bellaire location a brewery only or is there a pub to sample the beer? Do you have food there?

A: Bellaire is still a fully functioning brewery, 7 days a week, with three full time brewers on staff. In fact, all of the beer we serve at our pub is brewed at the Bellaire Brewery. We have a full food menu available at the pub as well.  We feature an array of sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups, appetizers and pizza. We also try to offer a unique selection of exclusive draft beers, which can only be found at our Bellaire pub, to help make the journey even more rewarding.



Q: Where can I stay in Bellaire, when I come to visit Short’s?

A: There are a number of fine lodging establishments in Bellaire and many ways to find out more information about them. Check out the “Planning Your Visit” tab on our website.

Q: Do you fill growlers from other establishments?

A: Absolutely, it’s not what’s on the outside of the growler that is important; it’s what you’re filling it with that really matters.

Q: Do you serve beer at your facility in Elk Rapids?

A: Yeah! The Elk Rapids Pull Barn is open seven days a week. In addition to beer, we also serve cider, hard seltzer, and canned wine. You can drink here or take it wherever your heart desires. For more info, check out the Pull Barn's page.

Q: Can we buy beer from the Elk Rapids location?

A: Heck yes! Our Pull Barn opened for year-round service in February, 2021. We've got 20 drafts with packaged beer, cider, wine, and hard seltzer to go. Check out the Pull Barn page for hours of operation and draft list.

Q: Can I return a keg to the Elk Rapids facility?

A: You sure can! But only if you picked it up in Elk Rapids in the first place. Same goes for the Pub, if you pick it up there, you must return it there. Easy peasy!

Q: Can we get a tour?

A: Check out our Tours page for more information!

Q: When will Short’s have a pub in [insert name of city here]?

A: Probably one of our most frequently asked questions.  There are no immediate plans to expand Short’s into any new areas. The Bellaire location was strategically picked by Joe Short, and we pride ourselves on being a destination brewery. We realize that it can be quite a journey for many people; however, we hope that if you do venture out our way, you’ll quickly understand how it plays perfectly into our company’s philosophy and mission statement.

Also, you can head down to your favorite local watering hole and ask them to bring on whatever Short's beers your heart desires!

Q: Can you send me labels?

A: If you go to our webstore, you will find beer labels,  canvas prints, and all the Short’s gear you can imagine!

Q: Can I get an internship?

A: We do not currently offer volunteer work or unpaid internships in our brewery.  When we have job openings, we list them on our Careers page.

Q: I am having a party and would like your beer there. How much should I order?

A: We sell our kegs in 1/2 barrels (15.5 gals), 1/4 barrels (7.75 gals) and 1/6 barrels (5 gals). To break it down into 12oz. pours, you will get roughly: 165 glasses from a 1/2bbl, 82 glasses from a 1/4bbl and 53 glasses from a 1/6bbl.


Here are some questions to help determine how many kegs you will need.

1. Are there going to be other alcoholic beverages?

2. Of your guests, how many are of legal drinking age?

3. Are your guests familiar with microbrew beer (are you going to have domestic keg as well)?

4. How many different beers were you thinking about getting?

5. Are you OK running out of beer or would you prefer to have some left over?

6. How long will the bar be open?

Q: Who distributes your beer?

A: Our distributor for the entire state of Michigan is Imperial Beverage, based out of Kalamazoo. You can contact Imperial by calling 269-382-4200 or by visiting them at

Outside of Michigan our distributors are as follows:
Florida - Cavalier Distributing
Illinois - Windy City, RJ Distributing, Koerner Distributor Inc., Hayes, and Euclid Beverage
Indiana & Ohio - Cavalier Distributing
Wisconsin - General Beverage & Kay Distributing
Colorado - Elite Beverage
New Jersey - Cape May Distributing
Tennessee - Tennessee Craft Distributing (Knoxville & Nashville only)

To find our beers near you, visit our Beer Finder and plug in your zip.

Q: Will you donate to my event or sponsor me?



Since opening in 2004, Short’s has supported many worthwhile causes and events. We are lucky to be a part of a wonderful community and it gives us great pleasure to be able to give back. These are the guidelines Short's Brewing Company refers to when considering sponsorship/donation requests from non-account entities.



All requests must be submitted to for review. Due to the volume we receive we are unable to accept them at the pub or over the phone. We ask that before submitting a request you read through the following information and guidelines.



- There are so many worthwhile causes and events across the country, but we choose to focus our efforts in the state of Michigan. Requests outside of Michigan will not be reviewed.
- Sponsorship and donations will be allocated with priority to organizations and events based locally in Northern Michigan and those that share Short’s Brewing Co.'s core values. Other important considerations include amount requested, targeted audience, and remaining monthly funds.
- We decline involvement in anything related to schools and other educational institutions that work directly with young children. It’s not that we don’t believe in supporting our area schools, but we find it inappropriate to do so as an alcoholic beverage producer.
- State law prohibits us from donating beer to any events. Our hands are tied on this one.
- Due to the time and effort required to consider and process each request with care, we need at least 10 days’ notice. Any request that does not give us 10 days will be automatically declined.
- Any requests from Short’s accounts will be deferred by the Customer Service Department to the Beer Liberation Department.



Sponsorships are defined here as direct monetary gifts from Short’s Brewing Company to an external organization or event. As much as we would love to be a part of each and every sponsorship opportunity, we wouldn’t be able to make any beer if we gave everything away. Consequently, it is impossible for us to support each and every cause, no matter how worthy. New sponsorship requests are being reviewed at this time. Organizations and events may request Short’s sponsorship and shall be either approved or rejected based on the criteria laid out within this policy.


Donations are defined here as non-monetary gifts from Short’s Brewing Company to an external organization or event. Again, beer cannot be donated to any event, it would be illegal for us to do so. New donation requests are being reviewed at this time. Organizations and events may request Short’s donations and shall be either approved or rejected based on the criteria laid out within this policy.

Q: How can I ask Short’s other questions?

A: Simply email, and we’ll get back to you.


Q: What are your hours of operation?

A: We open at 11:00 am, Monday through Sunday. Closing times can vary by season. Please check our website for special closures and holiday hours of operation.

Pub Hours

Bar Hours
Everyday: 11:00 am - Midnight

Kitchen Hours
Sunday - Thursday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Friday - Saturday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Pull Barn Hours*

Sunday - Wednesday: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
Thursday - Saturday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

*Food truck hours of operation may differ

Q: Do you take reservations?

A: We don't take reservations. We are a first-come, first-served establishment. We put your name into our system, and will shoot you a text when your table is ready. Keep your eyes on your phone.

During our busy season, you'll probably have to wait for a table. But fear not! We have multiple areas you can grab a beer while you wait, including our container pavilion across the street. Reminder: good things take time, and if you've had our food, you know the wait is worth it.

In a hurry? Order takeout. We've streamlined our takeout business, so you can call ahead (or order at our takeout window or at the bar in our company store, Short's Mart) and jump in the pick up line at our Short's Mart bar.

Thinking of planning a big party? Check out our private events space The South End.

Q: I want to have a birthday party, rehearsal dinner, or business meeting at Short’s.

A: We have a private event space—The South End—located at the south end of our Bellaire block. The South End comfortably seats 40 people, and can hold 50 for standing events. From pizza parties and taco bars to full-on fancy fiestas on white linen, we'll help your party plans come true. For booking and more information, e-mail

Q: Are kids allowed at the brewpub in Bellaire?

A: Short’s is a family-friendly pub, and we encourage Short’s patrons of all ages to come and enjoy the warm and inviting atmosphere. We do ask that minors be accompanied at all times and that no person under the age of 18 be in the pub after midnight.

Q: What is honor cover?

A: Short’s books musicians from across the state and country who travel to the pub to provide live music during our evening hours. We do not charge a cover for our patrons to experience this, but we do ask guests who are enjoying the entertainment to participant in Short's "Honor Cover". Honor Cover is a way for our patrons to show their gratitude to the musicians who are providing the live music they are enjoying.

Q: Can my band play at the pub?

A: Please fill out this form. If you fit our style, we'll be in touch.

Production Facility FAQ

Q: Can I bring my dog to the Pull Barn?

A: Yes, but only when it's nice out! Well-behaved, leashed dogs are allowed outside at the Pull Barn—please leave the yippers and nippers at home. We ask that pet parents please maintain positive control over their pups at all times.

Q: Can we get a tour?

A: Check out our Tours page for more information!

Q: Do brewers just stand around and taste beer all day?

A: Short’s brewers are some of the hardest working people out there. They start in the wee morning hours and finish after the sun goes down. Though brewers and scientists who work at Short’s may taste the beer to make sure that it meets quality standards, they wait till the end of the day before they enjoy a thirst quenching pint.

Q: Can I get a job as a brewer at Short’s? What if I have no experience? What do you guys look for in new hires?

A: When we have job openings, we list them on our Careers page.  If there is no brewing position posted, then we are not hiring brewers.  We generally promote all brewers from within our organization.