Exeter, BCUZ Out Of This World American Sour Ales Exist

You may have seen that the second brew in our Salvacious Planemo Sour Series, Exeter, is now available in stores and on tap, so it’s time to tell you all about it! Named for one of the most well documented (and possibly our collective favorite) UFO sighting, the Exeter incident, Exeter has a tantalizing sour strawberry lemonade flavor that’s out of this world.

Exeter (6.5% ABV  – 12 IBU – 19.0 TA (g/L)) is an American Sour Ale fermented with strawberry and lemon. Ruby red in color with an initial head that dissipates quickly, Exeter has a big sour fruit aroma with just a hint of lemon.  A mouth puckering tart strawberry and sour lemon flavor is complemented by a growing sweetness. The finish is very dry.

So with summer nearly here, why not cool down with a refreshing Exeter? Ready to make your lips pucker and mouth water, this beer is certain to leave you craving more. Lucky for you, we’ve shared this beer throughout our distribution footprint and you don’t need to endure giant strawberry alien abduction to get your hands on a six-pack.

Exeter is available for a limited time only, so don’t delay. You never know what’s lurking in the sky above you…

4 thoughts on “Exeter, BCUZ Out Of This World American Sour Ales Exist”

  1. Lee M Seitz says:

    You need a year around sour, and this is an really excellent brew! I just ordered a case from GB Russo in GR.

  2. Lisa says:

    This beer is amazing. Loving your sour series!! This one and Critterless are my favorites.

  3. Brett says:

    Where can I get this beer?? I had it last year around September timeframe and I cannot find it anywhere since then and it is my FAVORITE sour so far. I need more of this stocked in my house.

    1. Angela Seefried says:

      Hey Brett! We didn’t release it this year but we do have another sour beer release coming up, Exterior Illumination will be hitting shelves soon!

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