Fall Keg Only Brews

If you’re thinking to yourself “Damn, there just aren’t enough varieties of Short’s brew available to me,” this is the release for you! Over the past couple of weeks we’ve quietly released three draft only brews to Michigan restaurants, pubs, and taprooms. PUMPKINCRUSHA, Lil’ Creepster, and Richard in the Dirt are now ready for sipping.

PUMPKINCRUSHA (6.6% ABV – 35 IBU) is a seasonal blend of pumpkin, spices, and carefully formulated ale. Brewed with real pumpkin and spice, aromas of pumpkin pie are apparent. The ale is a light pastel brown color and comfortably consumable.

Lil’ Creepster (6.2% ABV – 9 IBU) is a Gose brewed with lemongrass, sea salt, coriander, orange zest and apricot. Lil’ Creepster is cloudy with a muted orange hue and a solid head retention. This Gose has an inviting, yet complex aroma of apricot, citrus, and the distinct saltiness typical of a Gose. The flavor is tart, but balanced. Citrus notes are detected first and remain present followed by a saltiness that is accompanied the flavors of lemongrass and coriander. Lil’ Creepster is light-bodied with a clean and salty finish.

Richard in the Dirt (10% ABV – 45 IBU) is a Belgian Tripel with a bright copper glow and an estery aroma of subtle green apple and a hint of spice. A complex spiciness increases in intensity towards the finish. Malt flavors take a back seat to the sweet sugary additions of Belgian candy sugar. Hop flavors are subtle while spicy yeast qualities provide an offset to sweeter flavors found up front.

Available in limited quantities on tap ONLY, these three brews are now ready to fill a pint glass near you!

2 thoughts on “Fall Keg Only Brews”

  1. Chris Cohrs says:

    Will one of these kegs will be served at the Production facility in Elk Rapids this weekend.

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      Hey Chris,

      Neither of these brews will be available at the pull barn this weekend. We will be serving up Huma Lupa Licious, Soft Parade, Local’s Light, Space rock, Bellaire Brown, Vintage Premium Lager, Autumn Ale, Pan Galactic, Noble chaos, and Pulsar from Starcut Ciders.

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