Gin Barrel Aged Melt My Brain is back in our Private Stache

From the start, we couldn’t deny the delicious quenchable flavors of Melt My Brain. Quickly rising in the ranks from pub only, to specialty, to seasonal, we just can’t get enough of this cocktail inspired brew, so a couple of years back we decided to up the cocktail factor and age this beer in Gin barrels from our friends at Two James. Well folks, we did it again. Our first Private Stache beer to return to bottles, Gin Barrel Aged Melt My Brain is now here at the pub!

Gin Barrel Aged Melt My Brain (9% ABV – 6 IBU) hides its true nature behind an unassuming pale yellow appearance. Aromas of resinous pine and spritzy lime dance from the glass, and carry through into the flavor along with herbaceous juniper, and a lingering gin-like finish that leaves you wondering: “did I just sip a beer, or a cocktail?”

Pick up a 500 mL bottle of this release now at the pub or Short’s Mart. With only a couple of barrels available, this brew is sure to disappear soon. Stock up and enjoy this unique variation on our favorite summer seasonal while the snow falls.

3 thoughts on “Gin Barrel Aged Melt My Brain is back in our Private Stache”

  1. Landp says:

    I love this!!! Hope that it is available soon all the time!

  2. Mike Hoelzle says:

    Do you do mail order? I live in Lansing, MI and would be willing to pay s/h charges.

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      Unfortunately it is illegal for us to ship beer, hopefully you have a friend who can swing by and pick up a bottle for you!

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