Kicking off 2018 with a Superfluid

We consider ourselves lucky to be surrounded by earth’s most precious resource, freshwater. All living things need water to survive, and we certainly need it to create and brew our beer every day. Constantly inspired by the abundance of water around us,Read More

Gin Barrel Aged Melt My Brain is back in our Private Stache

From the start, we couldn’t deny the delicious quenchable flavors of Melt My Brain. Quickly rising in the ranks from pub only, to specialty, to seasonal, we just can’t get enough of this cocktail inspired brew, so a couple of years backRead More

Returning for the holidays, Woodmaster is here

It’s been 10 years since the Imperial Beer Series was originally released. 13 exceptional experimental beers that a young Joe Short dreamed of creating, finally came to fruition in 2007. A decade later, with hundreds of beers added to the portfolio, weRead More

Speedcult Black Lager is here in six packs

We’re adding a variety pack favorite to our six pack line up for the winter, and we couldn’t be more excited to drink this simultaneously roasty and light beer all winter long. Speedcult Black Lager was created in collaboration with our friendsRead More

Filled with a large amount of raspberries, FLOAD is here!

We’re getting a little darker with this next American Sour release. While some sours are light, summery, and crushable, it’s the time of year where we need a little more roast and toast in our beers. These needs are being satisfied withRead More

Liberate your taste buds with The Liberator

December brings a few of our favorite things each year. Holiday gatherings with friends, Joe’s annual birthday party at HopCat Grand Rapids, and a favorite double IPA known fondly as The Liberator. The Liberator (8.2% ABV – 116 IBU) is a DoubleRead More

It’s not an apparition, The Double Magician really has returned

Everyone’s favorite sorcerer has returned! That’s right, The Double Magician has been creeping steadily onto store shelves for the last month, and we’re paying tribute to our favorite brew to celebrate the cold weather with. The Double Magician (7.6% ABV – 49Read More

The first Stout is out! Cup A Joe returns

Cool weather brings some of our favorite things. Stouts, skiing, warm cups of coffee by the fireplace, and good friends coming together for the holidays. We’re combining all of these with the next release coming your way. Today Cup A Joe returnsRead More

Variety Pack V.7

Coming soon to stores near you! Good Humans: Good Humans (8.3% ABV – 28 IBU) is a Double Brown Ale made with Carabrown Malt and dry hopped with Simcoe and Golding hops. The brew has sweet malty esters that are met by hugeRead More

Marble tulip Juicy Tree, it’s the beer I want to drink

We always know the holidays are approaching when this beer starts getting brewed. For one day the brewhouse smells like a Christmas tree with the aromas of fresh spruce and cranberry. Luckily, Michiganders don’t have to wait any longer because Juicy TreeRead More