Here’s something sour to sip in the snow

All of this snow has us craving something sour and strong. Behold the return of FLOAD. This Dark American Sour Ale is bursting with intense raspberry tartness and a hint of chocolate. FLOAD will make you pucker and warm you from theRead More

Juicy Brut is your new go to beer!

We’re super stoked to release our newest flagship brew, Juicy Brut! This Sessionable Ale is everything we love about both juicy and brut style beers. It’s hoppy, tropical, and finishes dry. Juicy Brut is low in sugar and has an ABV ofRead More

A Sour to Remind you of Springtime

After a long week of bitter cold weather, we bring you a brew from our #PrivateStache to remind you of springtime in bloom. Baril de Fleurs is a barrel aged Golden Sour Ale with hibiscus. This funky sour has notes of floral,Read More

Stay Warm this Winter with Woodmaster

We’re always excited to bring back Woodmaster. “This is a beer I dedicate to one of the most respectable, integral humans the world will ever know. Bill Sohn, who is also known as the Woodmaster around Short’s, is responsible for making itRead More

The Perfect Pick Me Up

Winter is here, which means most of us in Northern Michigan need a little something to help us get up and go (especially to shovel the driveway). Luckily our pub brewers have just the ticket! Go Juice is a Milkshake IPA with MundosRead More

Not Unofficial is Officially Hitting Shelves this Week!

Not Unofficial returns just in time to give us something tropical to sip on in January. This dry-hopped IPA was brewed in collaboration with Lagunitas Brewing Company. Flavors of mango and guava hit your palate before finishing with dank hoppiness. Not UnofficialRead More

How Many Tickles does it take to make an Octopus Laugh?

We’re embracing the New Year with Ten Tickles, a Brut IPA with label art inspired by a study where scientists gave octopi MDMA and they became very social and affectionate. Ten Tickles is brewed with blackberry, blueberry, and lemon. It’s slightly tart,Read More

Prost to Smokehouse Tim!

Today we bring you Bourbon Barrel Aged Ein Freund in honor of “Smokehouse Tim.” We chose to brew a Belgian Double IPA because it was his favorite style of beer. We then aged this brew in bourbon barrels for 11 months. 22Read More

V5 Variety Pack

Now available at Short’s Mart and coming to store shelves soon! Black Cherry Porter: Black Cherry Porter is made using local Northern Michigan sweet black cherries and eight different malts. Combined, the ingredients provide the deep radiant flavor profile and create the darkRead More

Come gather around with the Campfire choir

For our last #PrivateStache of 2018, we bring to you Campfire Choir! This Porter is perfect for celebrating the Winter Solstice or ringing in the New Year with friends and family around a warm fire. Bottles will be released exclusively at the pubRead More