We are all about education and beer liberation through industry innovation! Short’s Cast showcases our experiences, tells stories, highlights organizations and events we work with, and features the music that can be heard at the pub. Many Short’s crew members design their own episodes in addition to being guests, putting the vast pool of creative minds to work for your listening pleasure. Of course Short’s Cast highlights the craft brewing industry, but overall you will learn about people working together, trusting each other, and creating amazing beer and food for all to enjoy.

Short’s in Barrels

If you’ve tried Bourbon Evil Urges or Bourbon Magician, then you know that Short’s has rocked the barrels a few times, but it’s time to step it up a bit. On this episode of Short’sRead More

Short’s Fest 2015

Short’s Fest has come and gone but the audio lives on! This podcast was recorded during Short’s Fest on Saturday August 8th, 2015. Bridgett Beckwith hosts the show and is joined by Short’s CastRead More

Shakespeare’s Pub Roundtable with Ted Vadella

We’re back at the roundtable and dedicating another episode of Short’s Cast to highlighting a longtime Short’s account. Today, Ted Vadella, co-owner of Shakespeare’s Pub in Kalamazoo joins us via Skype. Ted gives us someRead More

Alone with Joe

Steve Ison aka The Wizard, aka Uncle Steve, aka Stevo, is Shorts Brewing Company’s longest standing employee other than Mr. Joe Short himself. Steve’s been here since the beginning and he’s got quite aRead More

Change is Hard . . . The Short’s Pub Expansion

It wasn’t easy, but the Short’s pub expansion in Bellaire has been completed. Bridgett and Woj sit down with CEO Joe Short, Project Manager Chris Clore, and Head Chef Luke Meredith to talk through allRead More

Behind The Brew… Spruce Pilsner

On this episode of Short’s Cast we’re going to delve into the process (and maybe even some of the secrets) of Spruce Pilsner. One of the beers that Short’s entire staff has a handRead More

Michigan Breweries Keeping It Sustainable

The environmental definition of sustainability is “the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.” Which sounds like something we should all be doingRead More

A Collaboration Grill Out with Fred Bueltmann

It’s a beautiful thing when two craft breweries collaborate and there are so many ways to do so. Brewing together, grilling together, and heck, podcasting together sounds like a great idea too! New HollandRead More

The Past, Present, and Future of Michigan Craft Beer

We’re bringing the Happy Jack to the Short’s Cast. That’s right all you Michigan craft beer historians, Short’s very own Jack Archiable joins Bridgett and Woj to talk about the past, present, and futureRead More

Flagship Series: Local’s

It’s time to get back to talking about flagship beers and this episodes is an ode to Local’s. Not just the beer, but the people of Bellaire because that is exactly who this beer was brewedRead More