We are all about education and beer liberation through industry innovation! Short’s Cast showcases our experiences, tells stories, highlights organizations and events we work with, and features the music that can be heard at the pub. Many Short’s crew members design their own episodes in addition to being guests, putting the vast pool of creative minds to work for your listening pleasure. Of course Short’s Cast highlights the craft brewing industry, but overall you will learn about people working together, trusting each other, and creating amazing beer and food for all to enjoy.

A Lesson in Charcuterie with The Franklin

Charcuterie is making a comeback and you heard it here first on Short’s Cast. In this episode, Bridgett and Woj get to sit down with Butcher James Westbrook, and Head Chef Myles Anton of The Franklin in downtown Traverse City, MI. ThisRead More

Happy 2016! Here’s A History Of The Pub

We’re taking a trip back to episode 4 to re-release one of the core stories that kicked off Short’s Cast. It’s the story of Joe and Leah Short and it’s a damn good one. It’s always good to hit the refresh buttonRead More

Meet The Short’s Beer Liberators

This episode has been talked about for a long time among the Short’s Cast team. We’ve always wanted to gather our team of Liberators together to talk about beer liberation. The Liberators play a huge role at Short’s and because their responsibilitiesRead More

Flagship Series: Space Rock

Space, tasty nuggets of alien technology, sweet refurbished snow mobiles, and the meaning of life… all things you should be thinking about while you enjoy your Space Rock Pale Ale over the holidays. Damn it’s a good beer and we’re bringing in Head BrewerRead More

Live Music Series: Luke Winslow-King

We’re excited to bring you another installment of our Live Music Series from Short’s and it’s with Cadillac native and New Orleans 2015 Blues Artist of the Year, Luke Winslow-King. Luke sits down with our Pub Manager and Talent Buyer, Rob Lewis,Read More

Short’s and Zingerman’s Creamery Roundtable

Short’s cast is on the road again, highlighting the vendors that have supported our craft beer from the get go. This week we are down in Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan and Zingerman’s Creamery. One of the Zingerman’s community ofRead More

Short’s & Funky Buddha Collaboration Beer

It’s the holiday season which means it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate and COLLABORATE! Short’s is excited to announce a collaboration craft beer with Funky Buddha Brewing in Boca Raton, Florida. In our first segment Bridgett and Woj sit down with theRead More

A Thankful Community of Craft Beer

Happy Thanksgiving to all from the Short’s and Short’s Cast team! We’re excited to bring you a unique episode this week, focusing on a thankful community of craft beer. First we sit down with our CEO, Joe Short, who reflects on hisRead More

Short’s and Union Joints Restaurant Group Roundtable

We’re on a road trip! And this time we’re headed to Clarkston, MI, home of the Union Woodshop, and The Clarkston Union. First, we are grateful to the Union Woodshop staff for the delicious food we were able to inhale before ourRead More

Michigan Only, Michigan Forever On Tour!

Woj and Bridgett are back along with some voices we haven’t heard in a while on this week’s episode of Short’s Cast. So when Pauline Knighton, Brian Talpos, Scott Newman Bale, and our CEO, Joe Short stop by the show it’s boundRead More