We are all about education and beer liberation through industry innovation! Short’s Cast showcases our experiences, tells stories, highlights organizations and events we work with, and features the music that can be heard at the pub. Many Short’s crew members design their own episodes in addition to being guests, putting the vast pool of creative minds to work for your listening pleasure. Of course Short’s Cast highlights the craft brewing industry, but overall you will learn about people working together, trusting each other, and creating amazing beer and food for all to enjoy.

The Past, Present, and Future of Michigan Craft Beer

We’re bringing the Happy Jack to the Short’s Cast. That’s right all you Michigan craft beer historians, Short’s very own Jack Archiable joins Bridgett and Woj to talk about the past, present, and futureRead More

Flagship Series: Local’s

It’s time to get back to talking about flagship beers and this episodes is an ode to Local’s. Not just the beer, but the people of Bellaire because that is exactly who this beer was brewedRead More

Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act

When it comes to political episodes, this is about as political as we get here on Short’s Cast. Some people say “we need to bring in the suits on this one” well for usRead More

The Woods & Water of Antrim County

COOL PEOPLE ALERT!!!! That’s right the type of people who make this world a better place. This is a Short’s Cast devoted to highlighting some great organizations right here in Antrim County. Matt DrakeRead More

The Traveling Short’s Show

The Short’s Fest and Events team is coming off some major victories with the 11 Year Anniversary Extravaganza being a huge success, as well as events like Conquer The Village, Extreme Beer Fest, andRead More

Starcut Ciders Roll Out

This is it, the episode we’ve all been waiting for! We’re finally talking Starcut Ciders and who better to rap about this new brand of hard cider than Joe Short, Matt Drake, Tony Hansen,Read More

Re-Release “Fresh Water All Around Us”

Short’s Cast took the week off of production, but is re-releasing a very educational episode about Short’s new wastewater pre-treatment plant at Short’s Production Facility in Elk Rapids. This episode was recorded last year,Read More

Short’s On Site at Boss Mouse Cheese

This week Bridgett Beckwith and Jon Wojtowicz bring us a little “farm to table” episode featuring local artisan, Sue Kurta and her business Boss Mouse Cheese, of Kingsley, MI. We first meet up with SueRead More

The Man Behind “Dan’s Pink Skirt”

In this episode of Short’s Cast, Woj sits down with Joe Short and his brewing mentor, Dan Rogers. Dan is the Head Brewer at Griffin Claw Brewing Company and is the man behind the Short’sRead More

Short’s Eleven Year Anni Party Podcast

On April 25th 2015 Short’s celebrated its 11 year anniversary with a huge party on the streets of downtown Bellaire, Michigan. Short’s released seven new beers and three new Starcut Ciders. Specialty releases includedRead More