Soft Parade Shandy Season is Upon Us!

The sun is out to celebrate the official kick-off of SHANDY-SEASON! Soft Parade Shandy is a blend of Short’s flagship Fruit Rye Ale, Soft Parade, and homemade lemonade. This beer is raspberry in color and smells like fresh berry lemonade. Soft Parade’s signature berry flavor is enhanced by the addition of citrus. Soft Parade Shandy finishes with the faint taste of fruit candy. It is light in body and very refreshing. Start dreaming up your perfect summer scenarios and making beach-excursion plans with friends, #SoftParadeShandy is here to help keep you cool this summer.

9 thoughts on “Soft Parade Shandy Season is Upon Us!”

  1. Pamela Olzem says:

    where can i buy it

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      Hi Pamela – Soft Parade Shandy will be hitting Michigan store shelves throughout this week. Meijer, Kroger, Spartan stores, and your favorite independent retailer would all be great spots to check. If you’re having any difficulty finding it near you shoot us an email at and we’d be happy to assist. Cheers!

  2. Tina says:

    I’m giddy – Soft Parade Shandy is my favorite!!

  3. Gail says:

    Can you get a 1/6 barrel of Soft parade shandy?

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      Depending on availability this should be pretty easy to get! You can either order one at our pub or from your local retailer. If you need assistance, shoot us an email at Cheers!

  4. Liz says:

    Soft Parade Shandy is my absolute favorite beer! I had it last summer at the production facility the night before my wedding. I wish I could get it in Alabama!!

  5. Kyle says:

    Is Soft Parade Shandy available in Wisconsin?

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      Not currently, but we’ll be doing a specialty drop of Soft Parade Shandy in the Great Lakes Region in May!

  6. Jose Flores says:

    You need to make this available year round in Florida,specifically Sarasota. This is the perfect beach/pool drink!

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