Short’s to Rebrand Hangin’ Frank

After receiving some very heartfelt communications regarding our much loved seasonal beer named Hangin’ Frank, Short’s has decided to rebrand this beer for next year. The rebranding will keep the beer exactly the same, but with a new name and new artwork. For anyone wondering why we have a beer called “Hangin’ Frank” in the first place, it involves the legend and folklore of the City Park Grill in Petoskey, which is the restaurant that inspired this particular beer. We regret any pain that this beer name and artwork has caused, and appreciate your understanding!

– Short’s Brewing Company

18 thoughts on “Short’s to Rebrand Hangin’ Frank”

  1. Brandi Sligar says:

    Wow is the first word that comes to mind and tears fill my eyes. I want to say that I live in Texas and had never heard of Short’s Brewing until yesterday. I wanted to let you know how much your gesture of sensitvity means not just to one but to others too. I am looking at your store to see how I can spend money my money with you. If you distribute somewhere in the Dallas Ft Worth area let me know and I will spend money that way too!
    Thank you!

  2. Normi Mann says:

    A heartfelt gratitude for this decision to rebrand your beer.

    As a parent of a suicide victim- it troubles me that suicide is glorified or glamorized, intentionally or un-intentionally.

    We all need to do our part in communicating to our youth that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Your decision supports that message.

    You have redeemed yourselves to a silent part of society who grieves the loss of our loved ones to suicide. Thank you!!

  3. Riley says:

    Good move. I kind of like it, but can see how upsetting it might be for a few. Hope I am never one of those few.

  4. Sue Charest says:

    I just want to Thank You in your decision in the name change of your beer. For us survivors of suicide the road we are on is one of unbearable pain. I am a survivor of not 1 but 2 suicides, my husband in 1992 (Viet Nam Vet) his method was to hang himself and most recently my son in Dec, 2011 OD on precription meds. In our lifes that has been horribly altered all we can do is take “baby steps” but you as a Co. have taken huge strides with compassion and not heard but listened to concerns. And with that I Thank You and wish your CO continued success !!!!!

    Kind regards,
    Susan Charest

  5. Mark Neill says:

    It seems we are all trying to be politically correct these days and being from Petoskey and like the beer Hanging Franks. It’s a real bummer that you feel you need to change the name. My thought if the name is that offensive to some one then they shouldn’t buy it! If I remember you changed the name of Soft Parade from it’s old name Ye ol leg spreader or something like that. Don’t change the name of Hanging franks please!

  6. RWJambeau says:

    Hi there… I had Hanging Frank while on a trip to Petoskey last spring… it was incredible! Had to go to City Park for 3days straight to have it. Saw it in bottles the other day in the Detroit area… is this the same one?

  7. Lisa Larson says:

    I am absolutely astounded, and totally impressed, that you have taken the comments you have received to heart. I am a member of a group of suicide survivors and your beer has been a subject of discussion and pain. I commend you for taking action. Thank you for listening and for your compassion.

    Lisa Larson

  8. I am the founder of a non-profit organization that helps those that have lost a loved on to suicide. We have online support groups with well over 800 members, as well as being active in the DFW area. The email you refer to came from our group.

    I have to commend you ~ I deeply appreciate your compassion toward suicide survivors and the quick action in making change happen. Within 24 hours one of your websites was down, and you took action to make other changes. THANK YOU!! Some of my members plan to do business with you just because of your great response to us.

    (Survivors- this part is graphic)
    Those that have not lived a death by suicide have no clue how devastating this kind of artwork is to someone, like one of the moms in my group … she hit her garage door button and to her horror saw her daughter hanging there. The terror of that nightmare image stays with you for years. Just seeing a can of Hangin Frank would set her back into that dark place for several months. I am so grateful that you heard us and you cared!

    For every death by suicide there is a whole group of extended family, close friends, peers and other loved ones. There are THOUSANDS of us just in the USA. Sometimes people are quick to complain and slow to thank. So I want to make sure you know how much this means to us that your company cared and immediately took action to make necessary changes.

    Eternally grateful,
    Louise Wirick
    Survivors Road2healing

  9. Becky Sapik says:

    I want to commend your company for the rebranding of your Hangin’ Frank beer. I am the only sister to my brother and aunt to two nephews who all suicided within 3 years of each other. The recovery from a loss of this devastation is excruciatingly difficult. Constant reminders in the every day world add to that difficulty. You will never know how much your decision to rebrand this beer will help those of us in the survivor world. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  10. Patricia King says:

    Thank you so much for rebranding this beer ! From a gal who has lost several loved ones to suicide, some by hanging. xoxo to you!!

  11. stella Shoff says:

    Hey guys, thanks for your compassion. My son Christopher died by hanging 10/15/10. I try not to be overly sensitive . . .”Hang in there”, etc. BUT it is sooo encouraging that a major corporation is willing to revisit their strategies, go to the expense and time of rebranding, risk the loss of income, etc. in order to serve a select segment of the population.

    If you ever want to contribute in ANY other manner to the Suicide Awareness/ Prevention movement, I would happy to assist you, whether on a local, state or national level.

    Stella Shoff

  12. Pam McCord says:

    I lost my son Evan to suicide November 20, 2008. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your sensitivity and BLAZING QUICK response to the request of a fellow member of Road@healing parents’ group. I live in Michigan, and am a firm believer in supporting local businesses. I will make a speial point of looking for your products this weekend in a local store that sells specialty brews, and will be stopping in to visit your place of business this summer. Thank you so much again for your understanding how something that may seem quaint and amusing to the general public, but can be totally devastating to someone who has suffered the horrors of losing their child to suicide.

  13. Sandy says:

    Thanks so much for doing this. I had a parent who committed suicide, and while I would not have even given it a second thought prior to her death, even the thought of the artwork, now, is disturbing. I am very impressed with how quickly you responded. I’m not a big beer drinker, but will recommend your brand to everyone I know.

  14. Rita Sumano says:

    Hello, my name is Rita and I have lost my dearest cousin to suicide. He hanged himself and I saw his dead body… There are no words that could explain the horror and the pain I felt, and all the consequences left in my personality after his tragic decision. One of them is being unable to stand images of hanging people, even cartoons, sometimes even hanging things. I therefore thank you from the bottom of my heart to have made the re brand of your beer, on my personal name, and on the name of all the survivors of suicide. I find it very thoughtful, compassionate and human of you. It’s not frequent to find companies who are committed to people, so I must also congratulate you for being one of the few who follow human values, instead of market values.

    Thanks so much,


  15. Richardoconnell07 says:

    Love Hangin’ Frank and the unque label & story behind it. Wish you guys would leave it as is. Keep up the good work!

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